Automated Public Announcement

News and Events

AirCon5 PA

Using time-based triggering mechanism generated by the Core Syndication System, this module will convert any received data to voice announcement using on-the-fly data-to-voice conversion engine and send it to the airport speakers’ network.


PA Automation module is very flexible and can be adjusted to fit the airport policy through many parameters including:

Multilingual announcements

  • The system supports 2 different languages to be configured for prodcasting.
  • Announcement time

  • Event announcing time setting can be managed individually for different events (Check-In announcement, gate announcement, boarding and final calls).
  • Announcing frequency

  • How frequent every event should be announced.
  • Announcing area

  • The system can target different areas with different announcements i.e international or domestic, Arrival or Departure, VIP and special lounges
  • Live agent announcements

  • At any given time, an employee with proper authentication level can access the PA system through any connected IP phone and make passenger announcement or any other type of announcement. This announcement will dominate the scheduled ones.