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AirCon5 FIDS

AirCon5 Flight Information Display System is a rich database-driven graphic engin with attractive display interface and very advanced features. The system is based on open java technology built over linux servers with intelgant database connectivity, some of the features:

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TCP/IP graphic distribution

  • Client-Server Methodology with customized terminal display.
  • Linux based servers with Java controls.
  • No special hardware requirements ( any LCD with thin clients and LAN connectivity).
  • Arrival, Departure, Check-in counters and baggage belts display.
  • Multi-lingual data rotation

  • Arabic / English information display.
  • Adjustable advertising slots.
  • Streaming contents.
  • METAR weather updates.
  • Intelligent Database handling

  • Scheduled flights database
  • International data source integration
  • Activel flight Database.
  • Flight rotation and code sharing.
  • History database for actual flights data
  • Roll-based access

  • System incorporate different access levels (Administrators, Supervisors, Staff …etc.) with high security access modules.
  • According to authorization models, users can add, amend and update flight information with special modules for entering seasonal data and un-scheduled flights.
  • Multi-terminal access

  • Users can access the system through different terminal including PCs, Smart Phones and PDA using airport Wi-Fi
  • Web stream allow users from outside airport to access the system according to their access level ( Headquarter, Hotels , Travel agencies …etc.).
  • Remote Display Control

  • At any given time, authorized users can access contents of any monitor through connected device.
  • System continuously reports monitor status and display information about any connected monitor.
  • Reporting, Auditing and logging

  • AirCon5 includes rich reporting engine for different information categories.
  • All reports can be exported as PDF or CSV files for auditing and quality check purposes.