Aircon5 Add-Ons

SMS, IVR and Mobile Apps

AirCon5 Add-Ons

Put your business services on the right track by joining the booming mobile revenue-generating platforms through bundle of elegant services


SMS Services

  • Flexible integrated SMS solutions with direct connectivity to mobile operators support different connectivity protocols (HTTP, SMPP ..etc.)
  • Can be used over bulk credit to send bulk message to customers/passengers or as notifications (flight tracking ) when integrated with the core system.
  • Support 2 wa messaging and premium services
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    IVR Service

  • Interactive Voice Response for auto-reply
  • Seamless integration with aircon5 database to retrive flight data for callers
  • Support Speech Recognition (certain languages are supported)
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    Mobile Apps

  • Offer your customers branded sophisticated mobile solutions and host them on your website for download.
  • Through mobile airport apps, your customers will have minimized FIDS screen to track airport activities